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Russian Open Gardens Society


Gardening is hard and dedicated work, but at the same time it provides garden owners with the joy of quiet contemplation and peaceful leisure. Most likely every gardener is eager to share this joy with their family and other like-minded individuals, in those short few hours when their labours are finished.

Do you wish your park or garden to be seen and admired by other gardening enthusiasts like yourself? The International Centre of Landscape Art “Green Arrow” offers you this opportunity through your participation in the national Programme of Development of Garden and Landscape Tourism which is part of our new project the “Russian Open Gardens Society”. This project is designed to gather under its umbrella those garden owners who wish to share with others the beauty of their creations.

There are many similar projects outside Russia which are run by charities, garden societies and other non-commercial organisations. We highly value any foreign experience, and see it as our goal to adapt it to our country.

We are also starting to develop a program that will include foreign gardens recommended by our community to visit. The name of the program is the International Gardens Scheme founded by the Russian Open Gardens Society.


From the very start of its activities, the independent non-commercial organisation “Green Arrow” decided to develop the concept of open gardens in Russian speaking countries. Since 2009 we have opened for amateur gardeners and landscape designers over 100 parks and private gardens in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Time does not stand still, every year more and more interesting gardens appear. Every groomed and stylish plot itself becomes a centre of gardening culture, which in turn stimulates the birth of even more. When all these gardens merge together then there will be paradise on Earth. Let’s work together to bring this happy time forward!

The three main aims of the Russian Open Gardens Society are:

promoting Russian garden art in both our country and abroad

The gardening and landscape art of Russia has deep roots and is continually developing. We are very proud of both our historical parks and modern gardens. In these we have a good deal to be proud of!

exchange of experience between garden owners and bringing them together

Undoubtedly, somebody may say that there are already many social networks and forums where gardeners may communicate to their heart’s content. We, however, suggest leaving the constraints of virtual communication in favour of face-to-face conversation, as the latter cannot be beaten even by the most exciting of message exchanges on the Internet. Hence our third aim –

making gardens open!

We propose to everyone who wishes it, to open their gardens for group visits once or twice a year. Together we will identify a suitable day and time, and gather a group of people who wish to see your garden. Thus, you will be acquiring grateful spectators for your gardening show, who will be especially delighted if you also agree to share with them some of your green fingers’ secrets over a cup of tea. A garden may be open on a payable or free basis subject to discussion.

If your park or garden is open throughout the whole season, then using your information we may offer a schedule of visits, promote your initiative, and facilitate official ticket sales.

Participation in the ROGS’ Programme of Development of Garden and Landscape Tourism is open to owners and organisers of Russian parks and gardens, created by both specialists in garden and landscape art, and amateurs. It is not the garden creator’s professional status that matters, but their love for the garden and their ability to make it unique.

Our garden collection comprises a wide range of gardens. We propose the following classification: Cottage Garden, Dacha Garden, Estate Garden, Collector’s Garden, Designer’s Garden, Botanical Garden, Themed Garden, Historical Garden/Park, and Show Garden. The last category implies permanently working show gardens of landscape companies, nurseries and garden centres. Let us decide together to which category your garden belongs.

We understand that for every garden owner their creation is as precious as is a child for a loving parent. However, there are also creative competitions amongst children. For your garden to be included into the ROGS programme, it must conform to certain criteria. You can find out the terms and advantages of participating on this page.

Our contact:

International Center Of Landscape Art "Zelenaya strela" (by which the Society has been established)

Phone number: +78126128682
Email: info@zstrela.ru

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