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Август 2021

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The Legends and anсient stories of Baikal. The Adventures to the Lengendary Lake

Даты путешествия: 
upon request
Стоимость участия: upon request
1 day

Arriving to Irkutsk
Transfer to the hotel “Angara”
Check-in to the hotel “Angara”

Lunch (independently)

15.00 – 19.00. The tour around the city.
Acquaintance with the city of Irkutsk and its sights.

Historical 130th block, with preserved unique architecture of XIX-XX centuries. Walk through the historic center and the embankments of the wonderful Siberian city.  You will see the Central streets and historic monuments. You will see the very first stone building of Irkutsk, preserved to the present day - the Kazan Church.  You will learn why the triumphal arch “The Moscow gate” got its name.  You will visit one of the first monasteries of the capital of Eastern Siberia – Znamensky monastery. And also visit the Irkutsk Gulf.  For many years the icebreaker “Angara” is taking the honorable place at the shore.

Dinner (independently)

The night at the hotel “Angara” in Irkutsk.

This 3-star hotel is located right across the street from the Irkutsk City Hall on Kirov Square.  The hotel offers a spacious spa with beauty salon, 3 international restaurants, and free Wi-Fi. All rooms feature colorful décor.An indoor pool, a sauna, and a fitness room are only some of the facilities at the Angara Hotel. Massages, dental services, and cosmetic treatments can be booked.

2 day

06.00. Breakfest (is included)

07.00. Departure from the hotel.
Taking the Baikal highway all the way to the village Listvyanka.  Over there we plan to visit:

Visit the Baikal Museum
You will be able to get to know the underwater world.  You will see the Baikal fish. You will have a chance to go to the bottom of Baikal in bathyscaphe.  You will see the only mammal that lives there-the Baikal seal.

Visiting the Dendrological park.
There is a small reserve place right near the Baikal Museum.  This is a dendropark with all kinds of different plants of this region.  There are lots of trails and sight seening places, which give you an opportunity to enjoy the place all year round.   Here you have an opportunity to get to know the rare plants, which are listed in the red book, endemic and useful plants of the Baikal region.  You may take a walk and find out a lot of interesting information about  the Sibirian plants.

The observation deck.
You will hear a wonderful old legend about Angara and about her severe father-Baikal.  And of course, you will find out why this legend has a scientific justification.

Visiting the open-air architectural and ethnographic Museum-Taltsy.
It recreates the cultural and everyday way of life of the Siberian village of the 17-19 century. Among the buildings of the Taltsy Museum there are manors of wealthy peasants: the Volostnaya Administration, a parish school, the temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God of the 17th century and the Spassky Tower of the Ilimsk prison.  Each courtyard has its own exposition; you can go into each house and plunge into the atmosphere of that time.

Taltsy has its own stable, you can ride on the master’s stroller, walk on the stilts, swing on the Siberian swings.  In the winter time, you may ride down the hill on a cow’s skin.

There are open master classes of the masters of birch bark craft, the basics of making clay toys and folk dolls.

Lunch in Taltsy. (paying by yourself)

Visiting the Botanical Garden of the Irkutsk State University.

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1940. The Botanical Garden is the Educational division of the Irkutsk State University.  It is located in the city of Irkutsk, 70 kms to the West from the lake Baikal.  This is the only Botanical Garden in the region of Irkutsk and in the whole Baikal region, which is included in the International Agenda of Botanical gardens.The Botanical Garden is like an open-air museum of wildlife.  The Botanical Garden is an important educational instrument for Irkutsk State University and other Universities of that Region.  An educational tool for school kids, tourists and the local residents of Irkutsk.  The Botanical garden is a member of many Russian and international environmental organizations. According to the Law of the Russian Federation, the land and the garden plant collections belong to specially protected natural areas (SPNA).

Transfer to Baikalsk.

20.30. Check-in into the Complex Hotel “Vershina”
Dinner in the hotel (included in the price)

The night in the hotel “Vershina” in Baikalsk.
The Complex hotel “Vershina ” was build in the village Utulik, in the unique place.  It is part of the south coast of Baikal one kilometer away from the bay.   At the bottom of the Hamar Daban mountain range.

3 day

07.30 - 08.00. Breakfast at the hotel.

10.00. The beginning of Excursion

The adventure in the Republc of Buryatia to the Valley Tunkin’s
The Valley Tunkin’s is the continuation of the Baikal basin for almost two hundred kilometers.  It gathered an incredible variety of landscapes, from small steppe vegetation to the dense pine forests, from small hills to high rocky mountains, from valley calm rivers to treacherous mountain streams.

We will visit the mountain resort village Arshan.

Arshan- means the healing water.  Our guide will tell you about the unique characteristics of mineral resource.  You will have a chance to taste each of them by yourself.  After going up to the mountain river Kyngarga, which has numerous rapids, canyons and waterfalls, you will see the amazing beauty of the largest mountain system of the Baikal - Eastern Sayan.

We visit the Buddhist temple – datsan “Bodhidharma”.

There you will be able to gain with the positive energy.  Also, you will be able to watch the way how the local monks do their ritual.  And, of course, you may take a walk along the Buryat-Mongolian market and purchase lots of interesting things.   There are many different souvenirs, charms and healing herbs of Baikal.
During lunch, you will have a chance to taste the national dish of Buryatiya “POS” (included in the price).

After lunch, we will go to the nearest village “Pearl.” 

There, you will have a chance to swim in the natural thermal springs.  The temperature of water goes up to 42-52 degrees celsius.  Also, you may just take some time to seat near river “Irkut”.  This is one of the biggest rivers of the Tunkin valley.

20.00. Returning to the hotel.
Dinner in the hotel.

The night at the hotel “Vershina” in Baikalsk.

4 day

09.00 - 10.00. Breakfast at the hotel.

11.00. The beginning of Excursion

An adventure along the mountain river “Solzan” all the way to the Rock “Devil’s finger”

You will have a chance to feel yourself a true Sibirian, who gets through the dense jungle of Baikal.  You will get familiar with the unique vegetation of Baikal’s forests and mountains.  You will be able to feel the real beauty and the mood of Khamar-Dabana.  You will get to know what the “Devil’s finger” is.  Everyone will have a chance to conquer this peak and admire the stunning mountain views. An intoxicating pure mountain air of Baikal will awaken in you the desire to come back here again.

During the halt on the riverside of the river Solzan, you will be able to eat lunch.(included in the price)  There you will be able to eat kebab made out of fresh meet, which was grown on the ecologicaly clean land of Baikal. 

After lunch you will be able to go swimming in the mountain river and get some suntan. In addition, you may take a wallk in the forest.  Collect some mushrooms and berries.

Returning to the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel (included in the price)
The night at the hotel “Vershina” in Baikal

5 day

09.00 -10.00. Breakfast in the hotel

11.00. The beginning of the Excursion

The boat trip on the lake Baikal to the opposite shore.

You will have a chance to immerse yourself into the beginning of 20-th Century.  At that time people were building the railway of Circum-Baikal. At this time it is the dead end of Trans-Siberian Railway.  It almost did not change since that time. You will see the most beautiful galleries, unique bridges and tunnels. 
The viaducts and retaining walls will appear in front of you in the version in which they were designed by both Russian and foreign architects of the beginning of last century. The Circum-Baikal is filled with history, will take you back to1900-1904year- the time of its construction.  You will find out why it is called the gold buckle of the steel belt of Russia. Also, you will find out why it has lost its direct purpose, but became a true unique monument of engineering.  There is nothing like that in Russia and it takes one of the first places in the world.

After the most interesting excursion, you will try the true fish soup cooked with fresh omul.  It is cooked according to the traditional old recipe of the Baikal fishermen.  . Our boat will dock to the shore in one of the most beautiful bays of the coast. After lunch, You can swim in the cleanest lake on the planet and sunbathe on its shore. (included in price)

Returnig to the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel(included in the price)

The night at the hotel “Vershina” in Baikalsk.

6 day

09.00 - 10.00. Breakfast in the hotel.

11.00 The beginning of the Excursion

Visiting the nature reserve of Baikal

Today, you will visit the Baikal State Nature Biosphere reserve.  It is the museum of nature of the reserve, which was founded in 1973.  The expositions of Museum of nature demonstrate the main directions of the scientific research, conducted by the employees of the reserve.  The most fully represented collection is ornithology. 
The exhibited material on the topic of the "forest Pathology monitoring" has the great value. In addition, the popular route in the Baikal reserve is waiting for you. It has a beautiful name "under the shade of the cedar forest".  There is a 900 meters long well equipped trail.  You will learn about the history of the Cedar alley, the Siberian traditions of the preservation of Cedar forest.  You will see the real Siberian cedar and touch a lot with your hand, getting a life- giving energy.  You will learn a lot interesting things about the majestic trees and about the animals living in the cedar forests. 

Lunch (included in the price)
Returning to the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel(included in the price)
The night at the hotel “Vershina”  in Baikalsk

7 day

09.00 - 10.00. Breakfast in the hotel

11.00. The beginning of the Excursion

During this excursion, we will introduce you to a small city Sludyanka.  The city is located at the south west coast of Baikal.  The first mention of the first Russian settlements in the southern tip of lake Baikal dates back to the end of the XVII century.  At the same place as where the modern city is, the mineral mica was found.  Since then, the extraction of mineral mica began. You will learn why Slyudyanka is recognized as the mineralogical capital of the southern region of Baikal. You will visit the museum “The Baikal Museum of Gems” is one of a kind private museum of minerals in Russia.  The founder of the museum is an enthusiast Valery Alekseevich Zhigalov.
He personnaly collected the minerals during the half century.  He collected them in the nearest mountains and on the whole territory of Russia from Caucasus to the far East and abroad.  In his collection there are more than 1200 different gems. Not only you will get familiar to them, but also you will be able to take a piece of any mineral with you as a souvenir.  Also, you will get impressed by the railway station.  This is the only Railway Station in Russia, which is entirely built of white and pink unpolished marble.

Returning to the hotel.
Lunch at the hotel (included in the price)
Free time.
Diner at the hotel (included in the price)
The night at the hotel “Vershina”

8 day

Brakfast at the hotel
Transfer to the airport
Departure from Irkutsk

Included in cost:The price does not include:
Accommodation in hotels with double occupancy, with breakfastFlights
All transfers according to the programSurcharge for single occupancy
Program Entrance Tickets
Excursion service
Lunches and Dinners

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