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Июнь 2021

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Kamchatka: volcanoes, geysers, Lake Kuril and bears

Даты путешествия: 
upon request
Стоимость участия: upon request

This is the land of volcanoes and glaciers, hot springs and boiling geysers, swift rivers, lakes, waterfalls and bears.  The  comfortable KAMAZ and a helicopter are waiting for us!

This is a new program. It includes a visit to the Kuril lake, where we will see the bears!
If you call Kamchatka the land of bears, then the Kuril lake can rightly be called its capital. Here, you are 100% guaranteed to meet the bears. The best time to see the bears and their feast is from July to September. By the end of the summer, the salmon is coming here for spawning from the sea of Okhotsk.  At this time, more than two hundred brown bears come to this territory to enjoy salmon.

July - is the warmest month at Kamchatka. A lot of flowers are blooming in the mountains and at foothills. Some bloom earlier than others. They are replacing each other as in a kaleidoscope. From mid-July begins at Kamchatka honeysuckle to ripen.  It is a delicious berry and is completely different from the mainland.

Video from Kamchatka

1 day

Arriving to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk

14.00 - 18.00. An Excursion in Petropavlosk-Kamchatsk.  It includes visiting an interactive museum  “Vulcanarium”

This museum is the only interactive museum in Russia.  It is located on Kluchevskaya  street.  The aim of the museum is to tell the guests and city residents about the voulcanos and voulcanos of the world.  The information should be told with an interest and excitement.

The expositions of the museum are:
The current physical models of volcano, geyser, lava flow, tsunami waves, earthquakes, etc.;
There is also a room called “The cave of lava”. It has special effects. There are: video series of eruptions and a panorama of volcanoes, samples of the products of volcanism etc.;

16.30. Lunch (paying at the place by yourself) 

18.00. Departuring to the beach Khalaktyrsky at the Pacific ocean.

The place, where everything is covered by the ancient volcanic sand. This sand consists of titano-magnetite composition.

19.00 Transfering to a hotel.  The hotel is located in the village Paratunka.  It is a resort zone.  There are great balneological sources.

20.00 Check in the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tur”

A restaurant at the hotel is open until 23.00

Staying the night at the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tur”

The “Bel-Kam-Tur” hotel complex was opened in 2002.  It is located in the resort zone in the in the village Paratunka, city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk. This place is famous by its thermal sources and cristal clear air. 
All rooms are aquipped according to the European standards.  The well matched colors, high quality materials, great furniture.  There are telephones, tv and free wi-fi. The system with electronic keys.  There are Turkish and Finish saunas.

Included in the price:
Staying at the hotel, breakfast, artesian water “ The Volcanos of Kamchatka” (0.5L)
An open air swimming pool, Gym.

In addition:
There is a restaurant “The sky with stars” and a cocktail bar.

2 day

07.30. Breakfast at the hotel

08.00. Check out from the hotel.
The travel time is 2 hours - 80km

Transfering to the Viluchinsky Pass. 

There you are able to enjoy the beautiful view on the valley and on the Viluchinsky volcano. Here, we will have our first botanic excursion with the local specialist. After that, we will go down the foot of the volcano. 

The Viluchinsky volcano at Kamchatka or as another name: Viluchinsky sopka is located to the south-west from the capital of the region Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk.  It is located at the point, where the water break of 2 rivers. The rivers Vilucha and a Big Sarannaya, near the top of the river Paratunka.  It belongs to the south group, on the same level as volcano Mutnovsky and volcano Gorelii.  The location is one of the most interesting paths for the landscape tourists.

The Viluchinsky volcano is easy to go up until a certain height.

Taking a walk to the big waterfall at the stream “Quiet”.

14.00.  Lunch (included in the price)

The trip of the travelers usually goes through the south-west slope, along the path.  On the way you will see the waterfalls, bushes of the cedar elfin, and the mountain streams.

19.00 - 20.00. Returning to the hotel.
The travel time is 2hours-80km

Dinner (paying by yourself)
There is a restaurant at the hotel, which is opened until 23.00.
The night at the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tur”

3 day

The helicopter tour. Going to visit bears at the Lake Kuril! 

Tour on this day is optional! The cost is 700 euros per person.
Or you can relax at the hotel.

07.30. Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to the airfield.

Flying to the reserve “Kuril Lake”. Flying over the active  volcanos “Karymky” and “Maliy Semyachik”.

After the transfer to the heliport, the first part of the helicopter program begins:
Flying over the whole territory of Kamchatka to the very south-to the lake Kuril.  During this fly, you will be able to see all the quirks of landscape, through the illuminator. The volcanos, mountain ranges and lots of rivers.

1.5 hour walking tour at the protected area of the Lake Kuril.  The tour to the “closed territory”, where the scientists do the counting of fish and watching bears.

Accompanied by an inspector and a guide, we will proceed to the scientific station. It is located at the estuary of the Ozernaya river, where fish migration is monitored. This place is the only way connecting the lake and the Pacific ocean.  So, one way or another the fish will definitely pass here. Bears, of course, also can not miss this place.  They arrange real fishing competitions. We will be located on the observation deck in the center of the bridge-fence, stretched from one shore of the river to the other. During the stories of the guide, we will observe wild animals only a few meters away from us.

Lunch( included in the price)

Flying to the volcano “Ksudach”.  Having a 15 minute walking tour near the crater’s lake.

Going into a second part of the program.  Flying into the crater of volcano Ksudach.  While getting closer, on the helicopter, we will be able to see that there are two lakes filling the crater. One lake is Shtubelya and the other is lake Kluchevoe. The water is hot!  It gets warmth from the very center of the earth.  Landing and taking a walk around the lake Kluchevoe.  Walk at the beach with the black color sand.  If you like to take pictures, do not forget to take a wide angle lens, it will be very usefull. 

Flying to the volcano Khodutka.  Swimming in the hot springs
The last place of the program will be the swimming in the thermal waters near the bottom of volcano Khodutka.  These waters get warmed from the volcano processes of the earth. It heats up to 40 degrees in celsius and rich in various trace elements coming out from the depths.  Do not forget the bathing suits!

Returning by the helicopter.
Dinner (paying by yourself).
There is a restaurant at the hotel, which is opened until 23.00
The night at the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tur”

4 day

07.30. Breakfast at the hotel

08.00 - 09.00.  Check out from the hotel

The travel time is 2,5 hours-80km

Leaving to the rock mass “Vachkazhets”. There we will have a second botanical tour with a specialist.

The rock mass Vachkazhets is located 50kms straight to the west from the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk.
To get to the walking part of the tour, we will take the route P-474.  It is 80kms long and goes around the mountain range on the north side. 

The summer time tour, which is offered from June until October, is admitted as one of the most beautiful on the whole territory of peninsula.  This tour demonstrates the initial beauty of nature.  There is an ancient story.  It says that long time ago, when people did not live on this territory, the Vachkazhets was the only volcano there.  Then, there was an eruption.  After that, there was an explosion. As a result, there was a dividing of the volcano into 3 pieces.

Then, we will take a walk 4km for about 1 hour.  We will reach the lake Tahkoloch.

This is also a fascinating part of the tour.  The tourist route begins near the no name lake.  Then, as it goes higher, you walk through the forest and cross small streamlets.  Passing all that, you reach the picturesque lake.   It is called Tahkoloch. 

Closer to the autumn, the bushes of rowan are heavy under the bright red bunches of berries.  You have the opportunity to eat these sour berries.  This is the gift of wildlife.  Sometimes, you are able to find some Honeysuckle.

The Lake Tehkoloch found its place.  It is surrounded by mountain ranges and is likely hidden from prying eyes.  It gets fulfilled from the melted glaciers of the mountains and is always cold.
Over here, a small river has its start. It is called Tahkoloch.
This river goes all the way down and flows into a larger river Plotnikova. Getting the water from the same small rivers and sometimes forming large spills, the entire water mass tends to the west, crossing Kamchatka. At the end flows into the Sea of Okhotsk

14.00. Having a stop.  Eating the specialty of Kamchatsk. (included in the price)
We will take a rest and take pictures of the beauty which is surrounding us.

Even from here, over the lake and between the ridges, you are able to see the destroyed circus of an ancient volcano.  We will get up there a little later.  But before that, we will take a trail, which will take us to the right to the waterfalls.  Going up again. Now a new view opens on the already familiar lake.

The road to the mountain range.
The road to the waterfalls has the mountain range on both sides and goes higher and higher.  It is hard not to stop by the combination of ochre and green color rocky slopes and red-orange bushes approaching closely to them.

Please do not forget that the places, where we are traveling are the wild nature.  There is a possibility to meet the owner of these places- Brown bear.  Listen to your guide and always follow the safety rules on the route!  The best way to inform a bear about our visit is to sing songs.  So, we will sing!

Look around. On the slopes, you will see some holes dug in the ground.  The holes are dug out by the Kamchatka’s gophers. The locals call them “evrazhki”.  It is a good luck and a happy moment if you meet this small animal.  They are very trusting and sometimes let you get to it real close.

There is a streamlet coming down from the mountains.  The water there is very pure and tasty.

As we get closer to the waterfall, we get a new barrier-crossing a river.  If you have high rubber boots on you, you will do it easily.  Others may cross the river by jumping from one rock to another. It all depends on skills! Both ways will work and not so difficult.  But at the same time, we always recommend to our tourists wear the high and waterproof trekking boots.  The main thing in Kamchatka is the good outfit!
After we cross the river, there are only 100 meters left to our first aim of excursion.  This is the lower waterfall Vachkazhtse. If you go higher there is another waterfall, but the tours there are very rare.

The next aim is the ruined ancient circus.
The edge, which we observed from downstairs, near the lake.
We are going back and cross the river to the opposite side. We go back a little more. Then, we get to the trail near the circus. This is the steepest area out of the whole trip.  But for people, who are used to hikes, it will be easy.

From the top, this is a new panorama at our familiar lake.  During the whole trip, this is the highest point of the valley view.

When we get to the highest point and the circus, we will have some rest. The walls of the circus are brown-red.  While you look at them, you may imagine that many years ago, there was the bowl of volcano.
Rock outcrops “store” quartz, opals and other minerals. In addition, you have a chance to see the form of glacial origin on the slopes.

On the way back, we will take another road.  It goes along a small running streamlet, which goes down the mountain ledge. It creates a chain of small waterfalls.  This makes the returning a very interesting process for taking photos and videos.

On the way home we pass the familiar places, which already became special to us. Because of that, you get a feeling that it takes less time to return.

Visiting the thermal springs “Ozerki” 

Dinner(included in the price)

21.00. Returning to the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tour”
Staying the night at the hotel.

5 day

07.30. Breakfast at the hotel

Hot springs is a Small Valley of Geysers

The hot springs are located in the area of volcano Mutnovski.  Few kilometers to the east from the pass, between the mountains Skalistaya and Dvugorbaya

Here, on the mountain landscapes, there are picturesque panoramic views of volcanoes, meadows and snowfields.
One of the main attractions here is the Mutnovskaya Geothermal Power station.  This is the local landmark to the destination place.

Mutnovskaya Sopka or just Mutnovka is an active volcano with a huge energy release in the form of fumarol fields. Fumarols-are cracks or holes in the earth's crust created by the nature. The hot steam and gases, after they are dissolved in molten magma,  escape out through fumarols.
This process is almost always accompanied by noise and whistling. The reason for that is the vapor-gas mixture coming out with a temperature of about 95°C. The dacha’s hot springs are also fed by this thermal field.

The existing springs.
The springs were discovered in the 1960-s in XX century. They were discovered by the expedition of the volcanologists T.P. Kursanov’s. It right away became famous.  By that time, there were four groups of the thermal water outlets.  The third one lost its functiality.  Its waters have been cooled.  Other thermal springs are got under the construction of the GeoES.  They are considered as lost.

As for today, the truly working is the fourth group.  It is located to the west and has a name “Dachnie thermal springs” at Kamchatka.  This is a femoral field, which consists of five groups.
All of them stretched along the steep slopes of the volcanic ravine, destroyed for hundreds of meters. Its left cliff contains heated place, steam boilers and small steam jets. The most powerful fountain is located in a round basin with steep walls up to 30 m high and belongs to the Active group (Boiler). The other four are scattered over flat and wetlands. Among this expanse stands out more than 100 jets of steam.

The second name of the thermal outlets is the Small Valley of Geysers. It arose due to the hot gas passing through the cold streams. It created the effect of gushing and soaring earth's surface. However, there are no real geysers in this place.

The chemical composition of steam-gas jets is quite diverse and contains copper, manganese, zinc, arsenic, antimony and radon. The latter element is particularly concentrated in the emissions of the northernmost group called Bear.
The territory of the Dacha’s thermal hot springs in the area Mutnovky, grow vascular plants of the rare species, the habitat of which is timed to coincide with the places of thermal waters - Pauzhetskaya bentgrass and fimbristylis of Okhotsk.
The last is also a part of the rare flora and is protected by the reserve. Known only in Kamchatka: Orchid of oreorchis spreading, the lichen Cladonia zernistoy and Lyubka Kamchatka can also be seen in these places.

Despite the fact that everything sizzles and boils, the district Country sources and Mutnovsky is famous for its harsh climate. All plateau reaches a height of 1000 m and is completely open. So, the plants here are low and small. Thermal deposits are also exposed to large amounts of precipitation and hurricane winds.

Lunch (included in the price)

20.00. Returning to the hotel
Dinner (paying by yoursel)
There is a restaurant, which is working until 23.00

The night at the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tour”

6 day

07.30. Breakfast at the hotel

08.00. Check out from the hotel
After you study the Kamchatka on the land, it is important to discover the sea world.

Lets go to a boat trip!

The peninsula is surrounded by the sea and ocean from three sides.  Even from the ancient times, one way or another, the life of native people was connected with the sea.

At first, we have to exit the gates of Avacha Bay in the Pacific ocean. The route runs along the East coast to the South.

We will pass by three brothers from the old Kamchatka’s legend, who guard the entrance to the Russian Bay. Sad cries of seagulls always accompany these fairy-tale characters.

Every now and then sea birds past our ship swept in search for something to eat. They are represented by tuffed puffin, guillemots, gulls, cormorants. Sometimes you can find quite rare specimens of avifauna, such as the stellar eagle.

Our first stop is the island of Stariks. Sariks- is the very rare kind of birds.  This territory is the reserve. It is under the scientist observation.  We will walk around the island and enjoy the birds bazaars.

We may meet seals near the coastal reefs. They are trustfull.  So, there is a chance to get close to them.

We continue the trip. Soon, we will get to the Russian cove.  This place is deep enough and protected from the  Ocean’s storm.  Because of that, there are a lot of spawning fish settles here.  So, this brings predators for lunch.  Killer whales, whale, seals and the birds come for nice food. There is a chance to see whales and killer whales during the whole summer, but most of them come in august.
We will have enough time to take pictures.

14.00. Lunch is waiting for us on the boat. (included in the price)

20.00. Returning to the hotel. 

Dinner (paying by yourself)
There is a restaurant at the hotel. Open until 23.00

The night at the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tour”

7 day

From 07.30. until 11.00.  Breakfast at the hotel

11.00. Check out of the hotel

Going to the ethnic camp “Snow dogs”.  Here we will learn about the culture and the traditions of the indigenous people of Kamchatka- Koryaks. The camp is located in a wild , beautiful place.  It impresses with its panorama of the “home volcanos”- Koryaksky and Avachinsky.

The neighborhood community of small indigenous peoples of Kamchatka Krai "children of the North" has a dog nursery. The community was created for the revival and development of traditional sled dog breeding. The Kamchatka center of Riding Sports At is based at the nursery. The athletes are trained to participate in competitions of different levels. The dog nursery take care of the dogs-prize-winners, who took part in the Championships of Russia in 2007 and in 2008 in the European. Also in the world Cup in 2006. In addition, they constantly participate in the competitions of the Kamchatka territory.

When the participants of the trip, arrive to the dog nursery, they will be warmly welcomed in the national home. They will hear stories about the peoples of the North, their traditions and the way of life.  We will see and listen about tundra’s plants. Also, we will see the plants, which are listed in the Red book of plants. And of course, we will see the amazing beauty of the landscape of forest tundra, rich in many species of berries.

14.00. Lunch of Kamchatka delicacies. (included in the price)

We will get familiar with the activities of the dog nursery. We will learn about the history of the Kamchatka’s sled dog breed. We will hear the story of sledding sport and traditional sled dog breeding of the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka. We will learn about the ways of harnessing dogs, the training process, care for sled dogs. And of course, we will have a chance to get acquainted with the Pets themselves: charming puppies, wolf dog, sports Norwegian mestizos and Alaskan huskies.

Everyone will be able to try on the national cloths. Also, take a photo with the stuffed bear. In addition, you will be able to try the national indigenous games and try the national food.

15.00 - 16.00.Returning to the hotel.

Time to relax and swim in the thermal springs in the hotel.

Dinner (paying by yourself)
There is a restaurant at the hotel. Open until 23.00

The night at the hotel “Bel-Kam-Tour”

8 day

07.30. - 09.00. Breakfast at the hotel
Transfer to the airport.
On the way to the airport, we make a stop. We stop at the fish market.  There you will be able to buy the specialties.  In addition, we will see the mounument “Here begins Russia”, so you will have time to take some pictures for memories.

Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk


Included in cost:The price does not include:
Accommodation in hotels with double occupancy, with breakfastFlights
All transfers according to the programHelicopter tour of the Kuril lake to the bears - 700 euro
Program Entrance TicketsSurcharge for single occupancy - 350 euro
Excursion serviceDinners
Botanical excursions
Very good lunches (local fresh fish, caviar, crabs)

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